It’s been almost 7 weeks and i still have no hope of getting my car back because the part I need doesn’t exist.
I have had to make two car and two insurance payments for a car I don’t even have because they are legally obligated to keep it until it’s “road ready”. My car is basically being held hostage.
My job is nothing but stress and I spent my half hour lunch break crying and hiding behind all of my boxes of boxes of shoes in the back.
My managers tell me they want to help me then don’t schedule anyone but me in the damn department for five out of seven work days.
I’m behind on freight.
I’m behind on the floor.
My department looks like a disaster zone.
Half the counters are empty because I don’t have time to fill all 23 by myself.
My mom just yells at me for being so hopeless about these two situations.
Life is pretty bleak right now.
This has been weekend update with Leah Blumenstein.



I just want to be able to give this sort of feeling to somebody someday

I just want to feel better

I have nightmares at least once a week now

I never sleep through the night

most of the time my eyes are blurry and heavy

my stomach is in knots

and I keep lashing out

I hate this

I hate feeling like this

I hate acting like a child

I need help.







yes hello cute boy said we can hang out whenever i’m down do i pick a day (like saturday is that to soon i’m free so????)

hi yes do you understand this is an sos and time is of the most…

lmao i said saturday thats all i could muster but i sent it and i’m gonna cry 

You’re not gonna cry! he’s gonna be like, ok and you’ll be like sweet and then you’ll go and have a blast and when you get married you can put it in your vows that I helped you text him ;]